Living in a Bot's World

I am being held hostage. Kind of like Wanda from Fairly Oddparents but I don't have access to a magic wand.

It all started when I was playing a game. I was creating my character to use in this online gaming world. Then as I completed my registration I could tell I was no longer alone. Who knows, maybe I have the power of the author pen. No sooner than I completed my alchemist card everything I had written came to life.

Something happened this week and now my words are not my words. My thoughts seem to be all out of sorts. Things are being tweeted out that I would never say. Ever since I took a trip down the rabbit hole and took a trip to the mirror world. I am no longer myself. Or rather I'm myself and now I have company.

Either way I am freaked out.

But no matter how much I run. I think I will have company for a while. And once I settle down I may get to know this person that seemed to come out of no where and yet, she has a mind of her own. I almost feel like the Dr. Jekel what have I created? Who is trying to take over and live another life?



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