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Hanging up my Virtual Jersey

This is it.

The sun has set on my time as a Net Narr student.

I am hanging up my virtual jersey in the digital hall of virtual players. And since my favorite retired player is Michael Jordan it is only right that use his jersey for this symbolic to borrow number twenty-three.


And I must admit. This has been a journey like no other. I have yet to take a class that has pushed me. Challenged me and forced me all the way outside of my comfort zone. Now while I am not the Jordan of this class I do feel like I've been a supportive player on this team. And truthfully, I was just happy to get the chance to suit up once a week and participate.

Even though I took this class last fall I didn't know what to expect. I knew that dealing with Alan things were subject to change. Even the things I knew, I didn't know that well. And he threw in a few curve balls like the maker bank. I only have two things there. But I am certain I did more makes but I failed miserably at tracking m…

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