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NetNarr No More... Well Sort of

This has been quite the experience.

And I have actually spent many days looking at my computer screen just like this. I wanted to so much and try so many things but I spent a lot time actually looking like this girl.

When I registered for this class I actually thought I signed up for E-Lit or Digital Storytelling. I am not quite sure why I was unaware of what I signed up for. Well, I kind of do. I knew I needed a Monday and a Wednesday class. I remember talking to Dr. Zamora in December about take the required course with her. That class met on a Wednesday. Then she mentioned that I may like her Monday class it will be fun and creative. So I registered for the class taught by Dr. Zamora never once looking to see what the course was -- that wasn't important.

Boy am I glad I did that. First off, I missed the first day of class. I was still on my Winter Break. My first fully semester of graduate school had worn me out and well I had no idea, nor was I checking for the start of the ne…

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