If You Like it, Then You Should Make a Meme of It!

I LOVE Beyonce! 

And I am even more excited that I get to use Beyonce in this blog post! This is actually one of my favorite memes. Now, I made this one but there is a picture of a meme in my class that says, "If you want a grade then you shoulda put your name on it." I actually have a bulletin board full of different meme sayings. I don't know why I didn't think of it before now. 

Okay, I am getting ahead of myself. Before taking #NetNarr last year, I had no idea how to make a meme. While I was aware of them and I used to share them all of the time. I mean, why talk when you can meme. But I had never made one of my own. 

Fast forward to now I am very skilled in making Memes. Once you make one you can make a bunch. I did find it very interesting to learn of how memes started. And what I found the most fascinating is that a meme's derivation can be traced using a site called Know Your Meme. This site can tell you where the meme came from. Talk about tracking! We had a really good conversation about how you have to understand the meaning of the meme. For example I have never seen Lord of The Rings, so the whole notion behind "One must not..." goes over my head. I am internet savvy enough to get the gist. But it is not as funny to me as a person who is into The Lord of the Rings. Just like when May 4th comes and I flood my timeline with Star Wars memes with Yoda talking in the Jedi way that he does, "one" will not get it unless they know the way of the force. 

During class we played around with some memes. 

Second to Beyonve this "think about it" guy is my go to meme to use during family conversations. I made this one based on the Netflix original show Black Mirror. Which I am now a fan of -- and you should be too! We watched the first episode of season 4 and it was amazing and it made me look at the way I use the internet and social media in a different light. 

 Just in case you're curious here's a clip: 

Now while their ideas about technology and the internet may seem far off they aren't too far away from the reality in which we all live in. It was really a great episode and I would even go as far as to use a show like this to teach about the internet and how we interact with social media. Facebook and Instagram aren't very far off from this and the way in which we are plugged into our phones they might as well be implanted in our eyes. 

This week we're going to look at selfies. And I can't help but to think about how we post selfies with different angles, filters and looks hoping that more than one person like the picture we post to social media. But more about that next week...

This week's DDA's were fun. I was able to do three this week. Each week I always wish I could'v done more. But I'm still hanging in there. But I've got to start thinking about the one that I am going to create. That is going to stress me out I know it! 



  1. You are welcome to use Beyonce in every post. It thrills me o read that from learning making them last year you are rather adept at it now, and use those skills well. You did such a great job in interpreting, and doing the Nosedive ones in the way I was hoping for.

    In a way, memes can be like those kids cartoons that have a layer of subtle adult humor-- it's easy to get the quick laugh, but also armed with some knowledge (aka like knowyour meme or the context of the meme source) means you can go much farther with a message.

    Fantastic work as usual- use more Beyonce memes!

    1. Yes to Beyonce! I agree with the cartoon analogy. Memes totally capture that essence of adult humor but there is also a generation of children now making and sharing memes as much as adults. It has totally become a new way of life in terms of communication. It cuts straight to the point!


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