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Looking Way Back...

Too bad we didn't go that far back. If we had, then that whole State of the Union debacle wouldn't have even happened. Anyway, where I'm sitting at my desk, last Tuesday really does seem so very far away. I almost feel like I have to time travel there. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating but, well, the passing of a week can sometimes feel like an eternity. Anyway, as I sit here with my coffee and my thoughts, I'm realizing that we really did a lot last week.

I must admit that I wish we would've had more time to do the photo safari. I had fun with it. It was really cold and well, quite frankly I was being kind of lazy but I do with that I had gone outside to capture some images. But you know how it is when you take your coat off. Either way, I was able to capture some images. Now, technology has never failed me in this way before. I mean I use Twitter a lot, especially from my phone. But for some reason, none of the photos I took last week in the school on the 3rd floor were sent to Twitter. Only this last shot, when the Safari was over actually posted with a timestamp from class last week.

But in actuality, I had taken the following photos as well... scratch that. I literally just remembered that we replied to @netnarr on Twitter. Oops... so here goes my Safari contribution for real! 

Twitter Safari 1: You are not panicked. Show calmness, serenity in a photo. Or the opposite if you feel panic. Reply with your photo and tell us how calm you are.

Sheesh I look tired! lol. 

Twitter Safari 2: Take a photo dominated by a single color. Reply with your photo and tell us what that color communicates? What is it's tone? What do any other colors say?
Looks like I didn't complete this task. But this drew me in because this color reminded me of the summer. Something about its tone makes me think of the beach. And it is very safe. 

Twitter Safari 4: Take a photo of something at an unusual angle. Change your position. Get low on the ground. Or get up high and look down. Or do a crazy angle. Reply with your photo and how the angle changes the meaning of what you see.

I must admit that I was scared to get on the floor, only because I had my work clothes on. So, on my way back to class I looked up. Oddly enough, something I had never done before. And this is what I saw.

I was just getting the hang of it when time ran out. I did two more but I don't think they were all that good. Not worthy of revisiting.  I would like to go back and do the others. They seem like they would fit right in with our DDAs. 

This week I wasn't able to capture as many images. I was in Philly on Sat and I was so mad that my phone died. I know I could've captured some good things. Either way, here's what I was able to do. 

I saw this image on my way home from work one day. I really wished that I was somewhere stationary and I could've captured this shot more beautifully. I had to settle for pulling over on the side of the road and sticking my phone up through the sunroof. 

Since my students are so tall I often forget that they're just kids and I can't believe how big some of their shoes are. I know they're parents are spending a lot of money for those really nice Nikes. I pray my girls' feet stay small a little while long. 

We had a really good Twitter chat about Digital Art. I must admit that I didn't know that SnapChat and Instagram filters could be considered digital art. But guess what they are. And I am good at that. Well, I am good at swiping and picking some of my favorite filters. We talked about more than Photo shop and filters being digital art. But honestly those were the ones that stuck out since, I use them the most. 

Finally we took a trip back in the WayBack Machine. I am not sure if I was tired or just confused but I think this is like an online archive for art. I think. But my coffee had worn off by this time. But, if you click this link it will take you the frequently asked questions about how to use the Wayback Machine. However, the undergrad that I was paired with an undergrad that was able to easily catch on . We say an archived image of the Twin Towers on 9/11. The images were truly stopped me in my track and made reflect on that day. 

Hindsight is always 20/20 and it gives you a chance relive a moment and consider the ways in which you'll move forward. Looking forward to where class take us this week... I mean it involves watching a show on Netflix doesn't get any better than that. 



  1. I know those moments when "the coffee runs out" on the mind. I appreciated your reflection and your art here.

  2. I so enjoy reading your posts, your narrative voice, which I know is you, really comes through. I often feel mixed about the Photo Safari if it makes people feel pressured, but it is so valuable for asking people just to make quick visual decisions.

    It's definitely not the way to do great photos (like that sunset, which made my jaw drop). But I think it sharpens you observation and noticing skills.

    Thanks for working with Vanessa on the New Media Art research project, I added your work to the tumblr site

    I hope you have some appreciation now for the Wayback Machine; it's one of the most essential web research tools, especially to find content from deleted web sites or to find earlier versions of existing ones.


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