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I hate to be asked to do anything related to my favorite. I almost always draw a blank. I think it is because I go through my moods and phases. My favorite whatever, varies. I'm all over the place. To pinpoint my favorite movie scene is so hard. But if I have to do it, I will do it. 

15 minutes later... Maybe more like 45 minutes. But 15 makes me sound more studious. 

 I was able to do it. 

Ever since I was 5 years old Back II The Future has always been my favorite. This movie has stood the test of movie time for me. I love the entire trilogy (Okay not so much 3 but 2 was epic!)

Now, this scene below was always my favorite scene in the movie. It was a tie between this one and the one where Marty McFly is at the dance and Biff gets knocked out. I watched both scenes again to get a visual reminder. Then I listened to both scenes and this one is the best audio wise. 

Below is the skateboard scene with Marty and Biff's crew. This scene is legendary. Who knew that it is even more awesome with my eyes closed. I can picture and see every single detail in the scene just from all of the sounds. The music heightens the experience for me. 

In the sequel there is another scene that is very similar to the first one but this one involves a Hoverboard instead of a skateboard. This scene from Back II the Future II has the same scenario and the sounds in this one are just as intense. 

I couldn't select which one I liked better so I'm sharing both. 


  1. We recently had a Back to the Future family-nostalgia movie night and it was pretty fun watching this movie now, while thinking about what it was like to watch it for the first time. The title took on whole new meaning :).

    1. Yes! I had that same revelation two years ago when in Oct. 21st of 2015 was the actual day Marty went to in the future. It is so crazy that my youngest daughter's birthday is Oct. 21st. She loves this movie because of it.

  2. So, I only listened and partially watched the first scene you shared, but I agree the sounds are really profound. I wonder if they sometimes used sounds to make up for the technology they didn't have.

    1. Hmm that is a really good point. This was 1985 and they didn't have all of the surround sound systems that we have today. Good point.


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