Magic Realism

The Garden of Eden has deleted Facebook. Well, not exactly the garden itself but the people and creatures that control the garden. According to a small faction of council persons led by Emery the Unicorn, humans have strayed too far away from the simplicity and naturalness of human connectivity. This has led to certain Garden of Eden Council of representatives to declare that mankind needs a temporary halt on all social media websites starting with Facebook. Emery the Unicorn the head of Interspecies Relations has declared that in order for humans to stay connected and aware of the unseen world around them -- they have to disconnect. 

In her declaration she argued that the human problem has become a problem for all species as now we have "Dogs with Blogs", "Squirrels that Tweet" and Centars that have started their own #halfmanhalfamazing hashtag where they post at least 50 selfies per hour. All of these social interactions have caused a disruption in the "force" of nature. 

Well, this did not sit well with the rest of the council. As soon as she finished her proposal the entire council erupted with so many moans and groans and expletives that they were on the verge of getting into a brawl right in the council chambers. Madam Chairman Mother Earth waved her magical gavel in the air. They carried on ignoring her call to order. She implored the crowd to settle down, but they continued with their chatter. Some started sending out tweets and starting Facebook Live streams with the #SaveOurFacebook. 

Mother Earth grew so frustrated that she lifted her hands up high above her head then brought them down in a thunderous clap. Sending a sound through the room that stopped everyone in their tracks. Once complete silence fell upon the room she said, 

"Silence! I have heard enough. It is my turn to speak."


  1. Ahhh ... now, if only they did start with FB and ended with Dogs with Blogs .... lovely story ...

    1. Why thank you. I was led in that direction and I have no idea why!

  2. Lol Dogs with Blogs?! What next? And, all the hashtags! What has the world come too?!
    This was such a funny story ^.^ I love the interpretation here. And, I really want to know what Mother Earth Herself has got to say! Maybe I'll find out....

    1. Why thank you so much! I just started typing and this is where I ended up. I would love to come back to this because I too want to know what Mother Earth has to say...


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