Barely Above Water

My Week four went pretty much like this...

I went from being stressed out because of all of the work I have to do for these two classes to full blown sick. I read in Brooke's blog that she is taking 5 classes. Hands down she wins. But, this week the stress of school, my work load as a teacher at the end of a grading marking period, piled on top of my wife and mom of two duties I was almost washed ashore.

On Saturday my stress was defeated when sickness fell upon me. Even with my preventative flu shot I got the flu. I was down for the count. Truthfully, today is my first full day feeling normal. While I had the flu my two daughters had some virus. All three of us were in the bed together until Monday. 

The one thing I was able to do from my sick bed was my #dda. (insert self pat on the back) I am moving up the leaderboard. I don't really expect to get to number one and beat out annabella but I am surely having fun trying! 

After I finished looking like the above emoji, I was able to reflect on this past week. And as much as I feel like I am getting the hang of things new and innovative ways to test my technological skills that how much I learn how much I still have to learn. But, I am getting ahead of myself here. 

During last week's class we did some Netprovs that were really cool. 

The Pechaflickr was a lot of fun. If you are so inclined click the link you. Test your imagination. We enjoyed this much so that we did it twice. I was feeling confident because I was second to last so I figured after I watched everyone else give an answer I would know exactly what to do. So our first word was magic. My picture was a naked lady sitting in the chair in the fetal position. Speechless. I could not get it together to say anything smart, creative or witty. I laughed and said something. I don't remember what. Then we decide to do it again. Yay! I will get a chance to redeem myself say something that shows I have a brain. Our next word was snow, since we were expecting snow the next day. When the story comes around to me I get a group of people in choir robes. How do you relate a religious choir group to the snow? I struck out twice. Both times my pictures were totally random and totally unlike any of the images that came before. Both times I laughed and I thought, this game would be cool at a party with wine. 

Finding Magic Around us was what we did in the 2nd half of class via Twitter. Now I thought my picture was cool. Magical, Mystical. Something you would totally see in Dumbledore's study at Hogwarts. well apparently my image didn't go over well. Our group chose the picture I took... the owl: 

No one guessed it. No one like it and by the end folks were just down right mean about their disdain for the owl. Nah, it wasn't that bad but the owl was clearly the least favorite magical item. And here I thought out group was onto something. It transformed and gave wisdom, and something else but I can't really remember. Actually, I think I might've blocked it out. I'm glad the magical orbs came next they were pretty neat. 

This Week's Media: The assignments this week were pretty complicated. Only because I had no idea how to use any of the technology needed to make an alchemy propaganda poster, or do a magical postcard. I really wanted to do that one. I pictured it being my letter from Hogwarts. 28 years too late but that's okay. Instead I settled for doing the alternate book cover and the four icons.  I am proud of my first attempt. I struggled with the noun project site for a while and then I just gave up. I am even more proud that it only took me 15 minutes to figure out how to make those two things hyperlinks. 

Studio Visit: This week's studio visit about fan fiction was very interesting. If you want to know more check out the YouTube link. You won't be disappointed. 

I feel that I had an idea of what fan fiction was but I never really knew the true meaning of the term. After listing to the video I am glad to find out that I had a pretty good idea of what the terminology meant all along. I was equally please when Flourish mentioned that many of us had probably written some fan fiction of our own in our notebooks before it became the thing to do on the internet. I have always wanted to take my favorite characters and give them new adventures and take them places I felt that they should go. Even change things around in their lives in a what if type scenario. I really learned a lot and I wished I could've watched live so I would've been able to live tweet. This has always been a subject of networked narratives that I have always been interested in. I'm glad that we were introduced to the experts in this field. This by far has been my favorite one thus far. And these studio visits are just getting started. 

Other than the few times I thought I was going to drown while trying to participate in this week's media. I think I am coming along fine. I don't need that lifesaver just yet. In fact, I may get my letter after all. 


  1. You are way above water, Stephanie, for getting this much thinking and a bit of creating done this week, especially when being knocked down sick.

    Maybe instead of trying to "cover everything" with al the work, try keeping your radar up for what makes you say "woah" or want to question, follow where your curiosity goes. A good colleague teacher of mine urges his students reading difficult texts to note when they come across a "nugget"- the thing that causes a physical reaction, and pay the most attention to those. We are not checking off lists here, so do your best to check everything out, but pick your focus where it draws you.

    And now that you not how to hyperlink, it should be easy pie!

    1. Thanks. I think the problem is that everything on the list has been something that I've wanted to tackle. But I totally hear you about the "nugget" that is how I have been approaching the ddas. While I want to do them all. I can't so I have been looking for the "nuggets"

      I am so excited about being able to do the hyperlinks. I am getting there!


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