Hanging up my Virtual Jersey

This is it.

The sun has set on my time as a Net Narr student.

I am hanging up my virtual jersey in the digital hall of virtual players. And since my favorite retired player is Michael Jordan it is only right that use his jersey for this symbolic to borrow number twenty-three.


And I must admit. This has been a journey like no other. I have yet to take a class that has pushed me. Challenged me and forced me all the way outside of my comfort zone. Now while I am not the Jordan of this class I do feel like I've been a supportive player on this team. And truthfully, I was just happy to get the chance to suit up once a week and participate.

Even though I took this class last fall I didn't know what to expect. I knew that dealing with Alan things were subject to change. Even the things I knew, I didn't know that well. And he threw in a few curve balls like the maker bank. I only have two things there. But I am certain I did more makes but I failed miserably at tracking my work.

Speaking of tracking, we started off the semester talking about our lives being virtually tracked and our online behavior being monitored. I'm not going to lie, that kind of scared me. I never thought about where our information goes. I knew someone was using it for something. I just never actually put any consideration into who that might be. Well, you know the saying, "ignorance is bliss." Let's just say I'm no longer blissful. Simply because right after we had this conversation Mark Zuckerberg had to go in front of Congress and talk about what is being done with information on his site.

I hate that this class is coming to an end. I suffered a tragic and unexpected loss this semester that took me out of the game for a couple of weeks. My world was turned upside. But that is life. I must say these past two springs have been rough for me. But God is good. I shall not complain. So, I am shy of the total amount of blogs I should have posted.

I did miss out on some DDAs too. And these are my favorite. I was at the top of the leaderboard to start off the semester. But I have since fallen into the middle of the pack. But I still follow @netnarr on Twitter so I may participate in some DDAs in the future. I did do some last minute ones today and I made one but I don't think it was ever added. My #DDA idea was the find a song with the word alchemy in it.

At 3:15 Jay Z says, "I've been winning so long it's like alchemy." This song came out last year when I was in NetNarr and I thought, oh look, Jay Z is an alchemist like us! It wasn't a word I was used to hearing in popular hip-hop culture. But that's why I like Jay Z. He is always on another level. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he isn't quite a muggle, but a fellow alchemist or wizard of sorts.

Here's my photo of my place on the DDA leaderboard. I am not happy. Hopefully, when it is all said and done I will have a higher ranking. And I mean by like tomorrow.

I've been on Twitter a lot. Most of it has been for my own personal learning and growth as a teacher and writer. However, thanks to my bot a lot of my tweets have been for the NetNarr universe. 

If it wasn't for NetNarr I don't think I would've been brave enough to learn, explore and grow on Twitter. So even though I am hanging up my jersey as a NetNarr student player. I will always be apart of the game in the larger sense of the NetNarr digital family. I really did learn a lot. Like I said, I stepped out of my online comfort zone. I was in a box of things I knew how to do and that was all that I did. Now, I make GIFs and Memes with ease. I can do all sorts of things that I just assumed was too advanced for me to learn so I never tried. Well, I'm glad I did. Not only am I glad I signed up for this class the first time, But I am doubly glad I came around for a second time at bat. It was an adventure that I am so glad I was a part of. 

If you would've told me ten years ago that I'd take a class taught by a teacher that lived in another time zone or he would travel around the world and still be connected to our class I would've thought you were telling about something from and episode of Star Trek. But nope, that was my experience not once but twice in a digital classroom. I was plugged into the matrix of NetNarr and I have a feeling that this is only the beginning. 


I'll see you all in the digital world.


  1. You played the game well Stephanie and reading about the things you got out of class (awareness of tracking, amped up media skills, extending your creativity) could to me much more than about numbers of things not done.

    I see the game glass as half full, not half empty.

    Just writing this up as a metaphor means a lot to me, that's what I want students to do, to be able to find connections between the work they do, their questions, and their curiosities.

    So for a player who was dealt a lot of setbacks, I respect that you did not throw in the towel and head to the locker room.

    I'll be looking for more tweets always, please stay in touch. You have a big caring heart, thats worth more than a space on a leaderboard.

    1. Thanks so much Alan!

      If I played well that is because I had such a great teacher. I really enjoyed all of the things you brought to our digital table.

      Quiet as kept I love sports. It was only fitting that I used that metaphor. As this the end of an era. I've learned so much things I didn't even think I could learn how to do, are now almost second nature to me.

      Setbacks always makes for a good comeback. Or so at least I'm told. And I am hoping that I have an arrival let alone a setback. But I think I'm on my way to something. But I also don't beleive in throwing in the towel. I am not a quitter. I may finish last but I always want to finish.

      Of course I will be staying in touch. I heard you had some big news that you never shared. Or maybe you did and I missed it. And I appreciate the consolation prize for not making the top of the leadership board. Have a great, and restful summer!


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