Don't Talk About it, Bot About it

This week I got to experience Bots 2.0 meaning, I got a second go 'round with the whole bot experience. And I must say that this time was much better, well, that is not exactly true. This time I was more comfortable with the entire experience. Plus Alan gave us a specific direction for this year's bot activity. In my Twitter DM I found the following message:  

Your botversarion position to promote is we need to be better at creating real, original digital art rather than just quick re-sharing things that other people have made.

I can't even front, I kind of freaked out for a second. I had no idea how I could program my bot to talk about this topic. Ironically, because I am a person that would much rather RT or share previously made digital art. But alas, Alan wouldn't let me quit and he told me to get to work. After playing around with the configuration of making the bots. I sort of got the hang of it. I quickly learned that I had to follow the directions step by step.

Oh wait, let me back up. I am totally getting ahead of myself. The first thing we did in class after a very entertaining conversation about Mark Zukerburg appearing in front of Congress, was try out the very first online therapist Eliza. We treated Eliza like Siri. Eliza is not Siri. Once we figured this out we asked Eliza questions about our feelings. Since she was set to operate as an online therapist. But that didn't really work either. She simply asked us the questions that we asked her. It seemed really silly actually. I wonder how many people used it or found it valuable in the least. Pretty much all it did was ask you your quesitons back forcing you to make a self reflection. We got bored with it quickly, I mean why wouldn't we. We have Siri and Alexa now.

Now back to Twitter bots. So we looked at our data to see if our Twitter profile would be ranked as a bot or a real person. Well, my real Twitter handle @mrsjayj was labeled a bot and

my bot, the one I made last year and I don't know how to turn off, was labeled more a real person. See data below:

Then we got to play a Twitter bot game. We had to figure out if the poem is written by an actual poet or a bot. Below is the only poem I guessed correctly. I could not tell the difference at first if it was a bot or not. I noticed that the more I played, the easier it was for me to detect the bots. 


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