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I, like most of the country is totally obsessed with all things Black Panther right now. I've seen the movie at least three times now. After watching it this last time I thought about this week's class and the GIFs we made. Now I made GIFs last year. It was truly basic though. And I don't think I made one with a moving image. I know I use them. I am the Queen of GIFs. My new favorite one is this one of King T'Challa and his sister, Shuri.


I've been greeting all friend and family member like this since watching the movie. Anyway, I did learn a new GIF trick this week. And that is how to a GIF slide with moving GIFs.

Here's a GIF I made from images.


Not I am little annoyed that I cannot add these GIFs in this blog. But I did tweet it so click the link.   I find the hardest part was thinking of the witty message that I wanted to portray. That was actually toughest part. It wasn't until I started scrolling through the DDAs did I get the inspiration. So Kevin Hart's images are my other go to GIFs and memes. I chose three of his images to depict how I felt when no DDA was posted. Below is the first of the three Giphy images.

Photo: Google Images

The only way to know for sure if I learned anything is to try and make a GIF slide almost a week later. And guess what, I learned how to do it. I've got this GIF slide thing down to a science. I am so excited about this one! It was easy to do this time because I started off this blog talking about Black Panther. And Avengers Infinity Wars is coming out soon-- can't wait! Oh I know I left out a few Avengers but I wanted to have the images match the words.


And I made a GIF slide with images and GIFs... I cheated. My inspiration was apples because Alan made applesauce. LOL


The minus Garfield assignment was pretty cool. I grew up on Garfield comics and I too hate Mondays and I eat lasagna. So, I found it interesting that there is a thing where the comics are being looked at again without Garfield. Now, I must admit that I thought that I was going to have to do or make something. I was a little disappointed with this. I was also confused as to why there was no comic strip with today's date even though I keep pressing current. But I want to be completely honest and confess that I am mentally exhausted-- making witty GIF slides is exhausting. However, I did find interesting that the strip didn't lose much of it's meaning without Garfield. I was forced to notice Jon Arbuckle and how lonely he really was. All of his dialogue took place with a cat. Take the cat away and he has no other human contact. Sad. Still funny. But sad.

Lastly, My DDAs. I know I know how to do it, but I can't remember now but I wanted to post the link that shows all of my DDAs in one place. This is my reminder to myself to ask Alan how to do it in class. LOL!

And now I can sign off knowing that I learned some new tech tricks. I feel like Shuri maybe I've got some Wakanda-like tricks up my sleeve after all! 


  1. Look at you, I do see a Queen of GIFs, it thrills me to read that you have stepped up your game from last year. And I am honored that you did apples too, there's enough of them to GIF around.

    I am guessing for the avengers one you first made a single gif, downloaded, and then imported into a new one? I do like to see some "behind the scenes" descriptions of how you create things. One could think about doing this in many cycles, it could get rather Inception-like.

    So I wonder how might you put these skills to use for other types of communication needs.

    As far as your Daily link, you should be able to find your entry on thr Leaderboard

    where you have a strong 15; the link to yours is

    which you might notice is just appending your twitter name on ""

    All hail the queen!


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