Fair Thee Well Mirror World

Dear XeZenobia,

Your letter has said all of the things that I have wanted to say but I was afraid to act upon or say. It was nice to have your voice and your wisdom. Or should I say fearlessness and willingness to say exactly what was on your mind no matter what. I miss being able to do that. Now more so than ever I am very aware of my words and the the impact they leave on the people around me either in cyberspace or my work space as a teacher.

Having you around broke away some of the "adult" walls I had up. I like to laugh as much as the next person. But because of the times we live in and because I don't want offend anyone but I won't laugh at things that are just funny because they are funny. You taught me that it was okay to not be PC. I think every one needs someone like you around to shake it up. I am glad that you were here to bring that side out of me again. I had long since buried her away. 

I don't want to bid your adieu but I know you're too great to stay with me. Once your were released onto the NetNarr and the Twitterverse it was only a matter or time before you spread your wings taking your show on the road. You were an unexpected experience that I never thought I would have. Thank you and a part of you will always be with me long after your gone. I will continue to live through you until I am brave enough to carry the torch left behind by your special brand of alchemy. 

Peace and Blessings, 




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