NetNarr No More... Well Sort of

This has been quite the experience.

And I have actually spent many days looking at my computer screen just like this. I wanted to so much and try so many things but I spent a lot time actually looking like this girl.

When I registered for this class I actually thought I signed up for E-Lit or Digital Storytelling. I am not quite sure why I was unaware of what I signed up for. Well, I kind of do. I knew I needed a Monday and a Wednesday class. I remember talking to Dr. Zamora in December about take the required course with her. That class met on a Wednesday. Then she mentioned that I may like her Monday class it will be fun and creative. So I registered for the class taught by Dr. Zamora never once looking to see what the course was -- that wasn't important.

Boy am I glad I did that. First off, I missed the first day of class. I was still on my Winter Break. My first fully semester of graduate school had worn me out and well I had no idea, nor was I checking for the start of the new semester. In my mind I had one more week. I remember scrolling through Twitter and I saw a picture Tweeted out by Dr. Zamora and then I noticed Richonda and Katherine in the photo. Dammit! I missed class. I started off on the wrong foot already.

When I came to class the following week I had felt I had missed so much. The word alchemy was spoken so many times and I had no idea what I wanted to say or even felt about being an alchemist. I must say that I feel way more experienced today then I did that day in January so I would say I learned a lot. And the most important thing that I
learned over the course of this semester is to be fearless and throw out what I think I know about a graduate education. Every week with each passing class and assignment I couldn't believe what I was learning how to do. The Daily Digital Alchemys were so much fun. Almost too much fun. Each task forced me to be creative and look at the world through a different lens.

Everyone in my class was so creative that they pushed me to strive to be more creative. I do hate that I wasn't able to write more of my creative work during this course. I would have ideas and think about things to do but time and my hectic life didn't permit to dwell in that space for too long. That may be my biggest take away from this course. This course afforded me so many opportunities to  to think about new ways of writing of even sharing my voice with the world. There are so many possibilities and ways in which to tell a story. I want to try them and explore those options. I like the ideas and the possibilities that this Network allows. The ways in which it allows you to be connected and the infinite possibilities of the connections.

So no I don't think this course will ever be over but I think for now it is time to pause and then reenter this world with a fresh mind and a renewed perspective and new alchemical creations that I can offer to this space. I wasn't sure of the journey I happened upon when I registered for this course but I am certainly glad that I did.


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