I Missed the "Sound" Boat

This by far was the hardest week yet. After 3 long days of trying to figure out how to convert my iTunes file to an mp3. I swear when this class is over. I may do some YouTube videos that teach people how to do this because the ones that are online are so very out of date.

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My actually reaction every single time I watched a video or read instructions and I was not able to accomplish my task.

Okay, so after so many failed attempts at loading my sound bite or trying to download a sound editing website. Oh and this was my fourth attempt at a voice memo. Some how or another I lose my mother three. I was finally able to capture and keep my audio that tells the chaos that lives in my house on a daily basis.

Anyway, I will say thank God for Laura's blog. I was so frustrated with my lack of ability to capture sound, edit sound or do any of the tech savvy things we had to do this week that I said f-this. I decided to read the blogs of my classmates and see what they were able to to accomplish. Well, I cam across Laura's blog and she used Sound Cloud to add her audio and it all clicked. Her blog was very interesting as well. I totally forgot that I wanted to have my class be apart of the Vermont Studio visit. But my loss of memory wouldn't have mattered. I had to administer a test.. ugh. I really love what The Young Writer's Project has to offer the young writers of today. They are getting the change to be fully emerged in the world of digital writing. They won't have the road blocks or frustrations I am having with writing in this digital space including more than words on a screen. It will truly be second nature to them. Their voices, talents, concerns and individual sense of expression really does drive that sight. 

Eavesdropping in my own house...

Reading Laura's blog reminded me of a project we did in my Writing Theories or Studies class I had with Dr. Zamora where we discussed why I write. Since we are doing sound. I decided to record myself reading my blog titled, I Write Because I Read. Not that I am removed from this assignment and this blog I really hate the title. But hindsight is always 20/20. Now that some time has passed I think  I may go back and revisit this question. I guess your response really does depend on your mood.

Audacity was not my friend. I could not get it to cooperate with my MacBook and I know my laptop is about 5 years old now, which makes it like 20 years old in Apple years. So I didn't want to risk total computer malfunction trying to download that program. So since this is class that encourages rule breaking I decided to use the technology of SnapChat to help me change my voice. I had a conversation with myself where I recreated a daily conversation that I have with my mom. She always calls me when I am busy and I always have to tell her I am going to call her back. Don't worry though. I do call her. If I don't, she may show up at my house. 

All in all this was a rough week for me. The checklist is gone. I had to determine what calls to me and follow my heart to navigate through these tasks. The challenging part is that this week nothing spoke to me because I was stuck at the creation level which led to my frustration. But in the midst of my aggravation I did learn something new. So for that I am grateful and appreciative that in the end, it wasn't all bad and I wasn't totally off beat. 


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