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If you Google Kean University Wilkins Theater this is what you'll see. Please notice the seasoned people sitting on the benches and waiting outside. To the outside world this does not look like a place where a 20-30 something, hell even a 40 something person would see a show that they wanted to see. Well let me tell you, that is not the case. This place is not what it appears to be.

On the Storied Campus page I shared my favorite experience on campus. Or rather, my most memorable one. Now, I started to tell the tale of how I graduated from Kean University with honors, Magna Cum Laude. The honorees received their awards before our actual graduation in the Wilkins Theater. After the ceremony, we had a light refreshments across the way. I had a really funny story about how I was 6 months pregnant with my second child at the time. The story was filled with all of the pregnant angst I experienced as I sat in those uncomfortable seats for over an hour. And yes, that within itself was an accomplishment that I am very proud of--it will always be special to me. My daughter Laila who I was carrying loves to hear about how mommy was college with her in my tummy.  But, that story didn't make the cut.

What did make the cut was this...

Neo Soul Concert @Wilkins Theatre

Music Soulchild 

Chrisette Michelle 

Marsha Ambrosius 

One of the best times I had on campus was when I wasn't even a student. As an alumni, (I went to Kean for Undergrad and now Grad) I came back to campus for the most unbelievable concert ever. It was unbelievable because the tickets were only $25. As I was standing in line to purchase my ticket, the Student Council President -- a fellow Scotch Plains Fanwood graduate, was kind enough to give me a pair of front row tickets-- for free!  That was so very generous and completely unexpected. I hadn't seen him since he was running the Black Student Union at good ole' Spiffy High.

At this concert I saw three of my favorite Neo-Soul artists live and in living color. Chrisette Michelle( she has since fallen on my list because of her Inauguration performance-- but her talent is still remarkable), Marsha Ambrosias and Musiq Soulchild. Music is my favorite. My wedding CD was filled with his songs. My husband and I had our first dance to a Musiq Soulchild song titled Who Knows. This was such an incredible experience. One that I never would've imagined experiencing on a college campus.

This moment in time is something that I will never forget because it was perfectly unplanned and awesome at the same time.  I had some good times at Kean University doing normal college things.  But, when I look back and reflect on my time on campus-- this is a story that I always tell.


  1. Music tops a pregnant mother's long bench wait, now that's a memory! That's one that will stay.

    As a tangent, I was traveling in Colorado having a coffee in Crested Butte. On the radio was one of the most soulful covers of the Rolling Stones song "Miss You". When I asked the host who it was... I learned of Musiq Soulchild, and I quickly sought out that tune. When I hear it come up in my shuffle, I can immediately remember that moment from years ago.

    1. Isn't it funny how a song has the ability to spark a memory. While I will never forget how I felt as I sat there waiting to receive my accolades. When I came back and sat there and the room filled with the sounds of melodic voices and a live band. It make my pregnant discomfort a distant memory. The kid-free date night, something is happens so few and far between out ranked that moment.


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