When the Chaos and Noise Stop

My world almost came to a complete halt. This week's theme of chaos and order described my life and all the things that were taking place with in it. I pride myself on being prepared and ready for what is to come. I always have a plan, but sometimes life happens and God, well, he laughs at your plans. And these past couple of weeks have not been according to my plans. my grandmother used to say, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." With that being said the unexpected plans pushed me and tested my limits.

There were times when I wanted to withdraw from my classes. Just stop it all together. Put it off again because my family needed me more. But, it was because of my family that am going to push through and continue with the unplanned chaos.

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams: who looks inside awakes." 
-- Carl Jung

This is the message that came up at the end of my Network Effect the first time I watched it. I spent about 3 of my 7 minutes looking at the scrolling words and images go by thinking, what in the world is going on? Randomly I clicked on the word laugh. This transported me to a full screen of videos of people laughing for all sorts of reasons. Surprisingly, I wasn't really sure that I should glean from the flashes of different types and reasons for laughter. Of course I initially thought it was cute and funny. Because well, laughter is infectious. I was confused at first. I will have to watch a few more times to get a sense of how I feel about this. And that is exactly what I did. After I watched two more times. It made more sense. I was able to enjoy it for what for all that it represents. It gives you a moment to rely on what you see and allow your imagination

Studio Visit with Harold Rheingold and Marnie Rheingold

Watching the studio visit and being able to write out met thoughts on vialogues was pretty cool. The conversation was a pretty important one to have. It discusses the possibilities that is afforded to us because of the internet. These studio sessions really open up my eyes to limitlessness of an online learning infrastructure and community. Of course there are some risks involved but the with proper safeguarding it is so worth it.

Daily Digital Alchemies

I was so relieved when Professor Levine advised us to focus on the doing the things that we like and we are interested in completing. Partly because I was really trying to do all of the daily digital alchemies even the ones that were confusing and leaving me stumped. This led to me being frustrated because the task were taking me too long and it wasn't coming out the way I wanted which led to more frustrating hours spent starting at my laptop screen. So I decided to give up on my shot at having the number one spot on the leaderboard. Instead I chose the daily digital alchemies that really spoke to me. I enjoyed doing them all but my favorite was naming my animal hip hop group.



Listen you can't tell me NOTHING now!! (yes I said this very grammatically incorrect) I figured out how to add my Gifs to my blog posts it is over. I have tried and failed so many times. I finally figured it out. It only took a YouTube video that I had to watch like 10 times to follow along with the directions. This was actually the hardest part. Making the Gifs were pretty easy. In fact, I think I want to make them all of the time. This was definitely something I always wanted to learn how to do. I am glad that I finally had to learn.

Above you will find my GIF slideshow and below you will find the GIF I made from the alchemy YouTube video.


And here's a couple I made just because I could...



I am getting back into the swing of things after a few set backs. But this work feels good. It is unlike anything else that I am doing and that is what I enjoy about it the most.


  1. Of all the things in this post, it's your grandmother's wisdom that caught my attention. I wonder if there is in some kind of DDA in making God laugh the loudest.

    Hope you are feeling more at ease going into the second half of class. I really appreciate your contributions during class time.

    And those last two GIFs are too adorable, and well done! Is that your girl? Such earnest expressions!

    1. I agree Alan there is something about wisdom that stands out. And when she used to tell me these pearls of wisdom I never really understood what they meant at the time. Now I do.

      I am moving along and getting back into the swing of things thanks. And yes, those little ones belong to me. My youngest just created her own YouTube channel because she just has so much to say. LOL


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